About Biocenter Finland

Biocenter Finland (BF) is a distributed national research infrastructure of five biocenters in six Finnish universities:

Biocenter Kuopio, University of Eastern Finland (link to services)
Helsinki Institute of Life Science HiLIFE, University of Helsinki (link to services)
Biocenter Oulu, University of Oulu (link to services)
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, Tampere University (link to services)
BioCity Turku, University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University (link to services)

All universities participating in BF have prioritized life sciences in their current strategies and have endorsed their support to BF for 2017-2020 based on an action plan presented by BF Board.

BF provides technology services to the entire Finnish research community, in academia and industry, and to a limited extent also to users abroad. All services are based on the concept of open access. Technology services are provided by BF infrastructure platforms. Through its infrastructure platforms Biocenter Finland is also actively involved in the development pan-European infrastructures on the ESFRI Roadmap.

Biocenter Finland was selected for the Academy of Finland's Finland’s strategy and roadmap for research infrastructures 2014–2020 with excellent reviews. In the 2018 Midterm Evaluation of the Roadmap, BF was placed in the best possible category – A. The overall rating was “Excellent - Extremely good in international comparison – no significant elements to be improved”.

Scientific Advisory Board

The technology development in all areas of life sciences represented in BF proceeds very fast. To stay at the cutting edge, BF closely follows international developments in instrumentation and technologies. All its activities are regularly evaluated by an international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) allowing for dynamic changes in this rapidly moving area. Current compostion of BF SAB is Carl-Henrik Heldin (Chair), Søren Brunak, Eucharia Meehan, Frits Thorsen, Jussi Helppi, Monica Morales, Janne Lehtiö, Marjolein Thunnissen.


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