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Biological imaging ranges from the visualization of ions, molecules, cells, and tissues to the in-vivo imaging of entire animals. Challenging biological questions are continually being met by the development of new imaging methods and markers. Our Biological Imaging platform encloses this wide range using electron and light microscopy techniques.

Each Node has confocal, time-lapse, and transmission electron microscopes to accommodate an array of basic and advanced imaging applications in live and fixed cells and tissues. Further, all Nodes specialize in particular methodologies, Helsinki and Turku BioImaging: super-resolution and high-content screening, Oulu BioImaging: mesoscopic imaging, Tampere BioImaging: expansion microscopy, and Eastern Finland BioImaging: extracellular vesicle imaging. The Euro-BioImaging Headquarters Hub in Turku closely collaborates with Turku BioImaging.

High-resolution electron cryo-microscopy, electron tomography and three-dimensional image reconstruction for nanoscale structures are available at Helsinki BioImaging. Oulu BioImaging offers transmission and scanning electron microscopy services specialized for mouse phenotyping, and correlative light and electron microscopy services are also included.

In vivo imaging facilities include multiphoton microscopy methods in Helsinki, Turku and Oulu.

  • Platform services include:
    • Open access to all facilities
    • Personal user support and general support activities: e.g. consultation on experimental set up; sample preparation; choice of instruments and imaging methods; image analysis; user training & guidance
    • Maintenance of imaging systems: instrument maintenance, cleaning, quality control, management of instrument problems etc.
    • Teaching activities: lecture and practical courses for MSc & graduate students & postdoctoral fellows
    • Data management
    • International activities

Biological Imaging Nodes

Helsinki BioImaging (HBI)

BI Electron Microscopy Unit (EMBI): TEM, SEM, electron tomography, 3D Serial imaging on SEM (3View), correlative light-electron microscopy, development of methods for image segmentation and analysis.

Biomedicum Helsinki Imaging Unit (BIU): Advanced widefield fluorescence microscopy; Multichannel total internal reflection microscopy; Super-resolution microscopy; Laser scanning confocal microscopy; Multiphoton microscopy; Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy; High content microscopy; Optical projection tomography; Preclinical fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging; Wide selection of tools for image deconvolution, volume rendering, other post-processing and analysis.

BI Light Microscopy Unit (BI-LMU):  Point scanning and spinning disk confocal imaging, STED, PALM and STORM superresolution, TIRF, fluorescence lifetime imaging, high-content wide field imaging and wide field fluorescence imaging. All methods are available for both live and fixed samples. Data storage and cell culture facilities are also provided.

FIMM High Content Imaging and Analysis (FIMM-HCA): The unit provides services in high-content and high-throughput imaging and image analysis. FIMM-HCA provides automated high-content imaging with a HT spinning-disk confocal microscope with widefield and live imaging option and plate handling for 2D/3D imaging, image-based HT drug screening assays in collaboration with HTB FIMM, computer assisted laser microdissection of cells and tissues as well as guidance for image analysis and data management.

Eastern Finland BioImaging (EFBI)

Electron microscopy core facility (SIB Labs): SEM; TEM; elemental analysis, multimodal imaging combining EM and spectroscopy

BCK cell and tissue imaging unit: Two user-friendly confocal microscopes for high- and super-resolution imaging of both fixed and live cells and tissues as well as molecular dynamics in live cells. A high-throughput live cell imaging platform especially for long time-lapse imaging of multiwell plates and advanced image analysis. An advanced widefield fluorescence microscope with slide scanning stage for eight slides and computational clearing capabilities for image enhancing. A widefield fluorescence microscope equipped with a microinjection device and relief contrast technology is also available. Moreover, the infrastructure also comprises a histology laboratory equipped with modern devices and services for sample processing.

Oulu BioImaging (OBI)
Electron Microscopy Core Facility: Mouse phenotyping; TEM; SEM; FIB-SEM; 3D Serial imaging on SEM; Correlative light-electron microscopy

Light Microscopy Core Facility:  Advanced live cell imaging (spinning disk confocal with TIRF and FRAP units), state-of-the-art point scanning confocal microscopy with fluorescence lifetime imaging options, light sheet fluorescence microscopy, multiphoton microscopy, digital holography microscopy and optical projection tomography (OPT). There is also an access to optical coherence tomography (OCT) and microCT, services via Oulu BioImaging network. TIC-BCO also provides complementary services together with the Center for Machine Vision Research (CMV) for customizable image analysis and data processing tools based on the computer vision methods.

Tampere BioImaging (TAUBI)
BMT imaging facility: Tampere facility focuses on mesoscopic imaging of tissues, biomaterials and advanced cell cultures. At the moment the facility consist of variety of imaging systems, including several widefield fluorescence microscopes, two Zeiss Apotome systems, Andor confocal spinning-disk system with FRAP unit, Olympus deconvolution system with dip objectives and Cell-IQ long time lapse and analysis system.

Turku BioImaging (TBI)
Turku BioImaging is the umbrella organisation for imaging services and activities in Turku. For microscopy, Turku BioImaging provides open access to a wide array of state-of-the-art instrumentation for imaging both living and fixed samples.

The Cell Imaging and Cytometry core facility: Hosts several widefield and confocal instruments and more specialized techniques, enabling imaging from sub-cellular compartments to digital pathology with whole-slide scanners. Specialized highlights include multiple super-resolution methods, light-sheet, and multiphoton imaging.

The Laboratory of Electron Microscopy: Provides services in electron microscopy, and the Turku Screening Unit provides high content screening and analysis. Image analysis and data storage platforms are provided to users and are continually developed based on advancing technologies. Overall, Turku BioImaging aims to offer a continuum of services and imaging modalities, from molecular and subcellular imaging to pre-clinical and clinical imaging of entire organs and organisms. To this end, microscopy services of BF BioImaging are complemented by for instance model organisms, such as genetically modified zebrafish and mice, flow and mass cytometry and cell sorting, and in vivo pre-clinical and clinical imaging modalities. Turku BioImaging closely collaborates with other national and international life science infrastructures and services, such as Euro-BioImaging.


Platform Chair:
Eija Jokitalo / tel. +358 50 469 6799 / eija.jokitalo (at)

Platform Vice Chair:
Pasi Kankaanpää / tel. +358 504367706 / pasi.kankaanpaa (at)

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