Biobank Technologies

Platform services

A translational tissue biobanking technology platform.

The platform serves as a national core facility offering services in microscope specimen scanning and digital pathology. In addition, the platform nodes provide services in histological lab techniques. These include the production of Tissue Micro Array blocks (TMA’s), tissue processing to paraffin blocks, sectioning and staining for protein and RNA targets.

FIMM Digital Microscopy and Molecular Pathology Unit

The FIMM Digital Microscopy and Molecular Pathology Unit has been providing services in Digital Pathology since 2014. Next to whole slide imaging we offer services in histological lab techniques including tissue processing, sectioning, and staining.

We digitize about 10.000 slides per year for national and international customers. Our in-house Fluorescent Multiplex Immunohistochemistry platform enables 10-plex high-throughput FFPE tissue staining and image analysis and has been used for many research projects. Services in image analysis are constantly developing by collaboration with the research groups of Johan Lundin and Lassi Paavolainen.


Contact persons

Platform Chair
Johan Lundin, johan.lundin (at)

FIMM Digital Microscopy and Molecular Pathology Unit

Annabrita Schoonenberg, lab coordinator, fimm-scanning (at)


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